BuzzTheory Unveils RevGen 2.0 Innovative Revenue Generation Program for Tech Innovators

Mar 12, 2024

Technology marketing firm BuzzTheory’s latest innovation blends proven strategies with cutting-edge technology and innovative processes including AI, smart atomization and generative engine optimization (GEO)

March 12, 2024 – Las Vegas. BuzzTheory, a strategic consultancy and revenue marketing agency serving tech sector revenue, marketing and channel teams, today announced RevGen 2.0, an innovative revenue marketing and sales activation solution that’s strategic, responsive and adaptive.

What is RevGen 2.0?

RevGen 2.0 blends both sides of BuzzTheory’s practice  — the strategic consultancy and the revenue marketing agency — to deliver a revenue solution tailored to challenges faced by today’s revenue, marketing and channel teams. To achieve maximum revenue acquisition and retention, RevGen 2.0 leverages a unique combination of top-tier talent process innovation, programmatic methodology, rigorous optimization and cutting-edge technology.

At its core, RevGen 2.0:

  • Implements proven revenue marketing practices that have stood the test of time
  • Expands revenue opportunities – systematically and smartly
  • Bakes continuous testing, refinement and conversion rate optimization into programs, products and promotions
  • Tackles challenging “soft” marketing areas with tested messaging tactics that influence engagement and conversions
  • Harnesses the benefits of next-gen tech and process innovation, including AI, smart automation and generative engine optimization (GEO)

Customizable Solution for Revenue, Marketing and Product Teams

RevGen 2.0 is rigorous in its approach and flexible by design to meet the needs of chief revenue officers (CROs), chief marketing offices (CMOs), sales and marketing VPs, channel chiefs, marketing directors, product managers and their teams.

Its core components of strategic positioning, targeted messaging, sales gap analysis, to- and through-channel revenue activation, strategic and tactical calendaring, testing and refinement, and data analytics and reporting, provide:

  • A flexible foundation for core marketing and communications activities
  • A powerful launchpad for product promotions, program launches, event participation and other high-stakes, high-value revenue opportunities.

RevGen 2.0 Differentiators

RevGen 2.0 offers a unique value proposition that leverages talent, tech and proprietary process in a comprehensive solution that adapts to market conditions in real-time.

“RevGen 2.0 incorporates all the proven methodologies we’ve developed over the past eight years that have repeatedly earned our team recognitions from tech analysts and media,” says Khali Henderson, BuzzTheory Senior Partner and revenue practice lead, “and fuses that know-how with next-generation technology and innovation to significantly enhance revenue opportunities.”

RevGen 2.0 is tech- and process forward. “Safe-use, best-practice AI compatibility is built in, and we’re already delivering generative engine optimization (GEO) results for clients,” says Henderson. “RevGen 2.0 also leverages innovations in process and methodology that are less flashy but generate significant revenue results.”


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