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Khali Henderson

Khali Henderson

Senior Partner, Chief Content Officer


Khali Henderson has more than 30 years of marketing, communications and content development experience in the technology space. Perhaps best known for her leadership in the telecom and IT industry’s leading channel media and events brands, Khali is one of the country’s foremost experts on channel strategy and marketing. 

At BuzzTheory, Khali heads up business development and serves as chief content officer. Khali also sits on the prestigious, invitation-only Forbes Agency Council, is the vice-chair of CompTIA’s emerging technology council, is a strategic adviser to Aspire2STEAM.org, and has recently served on the boards of Cloud Girls and Women in the Channel. Khali was named by Forrester Research as one of the five most recommended channel marketing and PR experts in the world. She’s served on a number of technology industry association boards and advisory councils throughout her career. 

An avid fan of both science and science fiction, you’re as likely to encounter Khali at a Comicon or Star Trek event as you are a cutting-edge technology symposium. Her favorite pastimes are reading and hanging out with her husband, four sons, two cats and their dog, Dash.

Casey Freymuth

Casey Freymuth

Managing Partner, Chief Strategy Officer


Casey Freymuth is a strategy and marketing executive specializing in high-tech markets, disruptive and rapidly evolving technologies, and value generation. His client list includes many of the world’s best-known brands, as well as emerging market leaders, their investors and the media that cover them.

With deep roots in management consulting and analysis, Casey has extensive experience in identifying growth opportunities and helping clients position their companies to capture, retain and defend revenue and market share, and to bring their internal operations in line with marketing and positioning objectives.

At BuzzTheory, he advises clients on a wide range of strategic and marketing matters and is responsible for BuzzTheory’s operations. He also serves on UC Riverside’s Design Thinking Advisory Board. An enthusiast for all things tech, Casey lives in Phoenix with his family, pets and countless gadgets.

Tom Edington

Tom Edington

Director of Client Success Services


Tom Edington is a client services and customer experience executive with more than two decades of experience building and optimizing client success programs for marketing agencies. A process-driven professional, Tom specializes in creating order from chaos and developing reliable and repeatable policies and procedures that ensure accurate and timely delivery in complex service projects. He has extensive experience in key account management and running client services teams in the marketing and public relations space.

As BuzzTheory’s Director of Client Success Services, Tom is responsible for client services and logistics and for maintaining BuzzTheory’s high quality of service in both consultative and production processes. Tom and his family enjoy spending time together hiking and traveling. Tom has a lifelong love for music and art and developing his home chef skills. Tom lives in the Phoenix area with his wife, two children, two cats and rescue dog, Abby.

Israel Laveaga

Israel Laveaga

Art Director, Brand Strategist


Israel Laveaga leads BuzzTheory’s creative and design practice. A visual artist with heavy experience across the technology sector and complex distribution channels, Israel has built and worked for leading provider and media brands, including Ingram Micro and Informa, and helped to establish leading expo brands such as the Channel Partners Conference & Expo.

A self-described “designer nerd,” Israel loves color, typography and contributing to BuzzTheory’s team of visual, technical and content creatives. His skills range from strategic areas, such as branding, art direction and digital marketing campaigns, to heavy tactical skills including layout, event design and social media. Israel is perpetually positive, a natural mentor in all things design and a consummate learner. Israel lives with his wife and dog, Chip, in the Phoenix area.

Arien Freymuth

Arien Freymuth

Director of IT & Multimedia, Chief Code Jockey


Arien Freymuth is an IT and software expert with extensive experience in procuring, developing, integrating and troubleshooting digital marketing applications and multimedia platforms and services for BuzzTheory clients. He has successfully launched or co-managed many technology-driven marketing activities and campaigns for companies large and small, including websites, information portals, landing pages, digital ads, television and radio commercials, and more.

Arien holds a variety of technical credentials in areas such as database design, JavaScript, web design, networks, security, project management and Java programming. He developed BuzzTheory’s groundbreaking fixed-fee maintenance solution that affordably tackles the multidimensional challenges of website, theme and plugin maintenance. Arien spends his free time hiking, sailing and traveling.

The anti-agency

(Y)our story

BuzzTheory was founded by veteran technology industry business strategists, marketing and content experts. We help you build, retain and monetize relationships with customers, sales partners, media and investors. We do that through exceptional planning, storytelling, world-class technical tools and constant testing and refinement.

BuzzTheory insight, expertise and services are delivered through an “anti-agency” engagement model that gives you predictable budgets, on-demand access to the right expertise and services at the right time, and a reliable partner that can help you through all of your company’s objectives and growth stages. 

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  Giving Back


BuzzTheory directly supports numerous industry organizations and community charities. We also develop and support client community and charity activities. 

BuzzTheory supports and nurtures community and charity involvement throughout our organization and on behalf of clients. These activities include opportunity and professional development for underrepresented communities and demographics, support for ongoing battles against cancer and other diseases, and emergency-relief activities in the wake of natural disasters.

Current non-profits directly supported by BuzzTheory staff on weekly basis include:



Khali Henderson

Khali Henderson Senior Partner, Chief Content Officer

Casey Freymuth

Casey Freymuth Managing Partner, Chief Strategy Officer

Israel Laveaga

Israel Laveaga Art Director, Brand Strategist

Arien Freymuth

Arien Freymuth Director of IT & Multimedia, Chief Code Jockey

Dylan Crawford

Dylan Crawford Director of Strategic Accounts

Keith Strickland

Keith Strickland Digital Marketing Manager, SEO Strategist

Seth Edward

Seth Edward Social Media Manager

Tom Edington

Tom Edington Director of Client Success Services