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BuzzTheory’s Khali Henderson
Announces RevGen 2.0

Better, Stronger, Faster

A Revenue Solution Tailored for today

Revenue, marketing and channel teams are contending with enormous business and technological change:

  • AI and all its promises and perils
  • Generative search and generative engine optimization (GEO
  • Cutthroat competition for sales partners
  • Longer sales cycles and larger buying teams
  • Fractured buyers’ journeys and customer experience (CX)
  • Being heard in the sea of content
  • And… 

There are many more, but we’ll stop there. You live these challenges, too. But here’s the important part:

RevGen 2.0 tackles all of these problems and then some.

RevGen 2.0


BuzzTheory's improved marketing funnel compared to a less impactful traditional marketing funnel

RevGen 2.0 helps revenue, marketing and channel teams thrive amid today’s torrent of technological and market change through proven methodology, rigorous optimization and industry-leading talent, technology and tenacity.

RevGen 2.0 bridges sales and marketing gaps, lifts partner and customer experience, and increases revenue acquisition and retention.


Pipeline Leakage

Systematically close contact and conversion holes.


Revenue Opportunities

Build revenue activation into every program, product, asset and event.


Transformative Tech

Leverage next-gen innovations like AI, smart atomization and generative engine optimization (GEO).

Marla Ellerman

The team at BuzzTheory engineered huge conference growth for us—during the pandemic!

Marla Ellerman
Brian Leonard

Finding marketing experts who really understand the channel model, can incorporate thousands of tech solutions in the marketplace and will integrate the finer points of deep marketing fundamentals is tough. Khali and the BuzzTheory crew are on another level. I strongly recommend them to any vendor or partner wanting to boost their story and make a real impact in the tech scene.

Brian Leonard
Procure IT CMO
Mark Porter

Working with BuzzTheory has shown me how to fully understand and articulate the power of effective marketing and the strategic value it represents. By first understanding the journey that we were about to undertake, and then working with them to consistently execute to the roadmap, we accomplished far more than we ever would have alone.

Mark Porter
High Wire Networks President and CEO
Craig Patterson

BuzzTheory is the full package – strategy, content, creative, PR, digital and events all aligned toward our goals in a genuine partnership. I can’t recommend them strongly enough.

Craig Patterson
Aryaka Networks Channel Chief
Shannon McCormack

BuzzTheory created the best-performing campaign in our ad network’s more than 20-year history.

Shannon McCormack
iAgent Network CEO
David Ansehl

The BuzzTheory approach to working with companies is to create a true partnership. Developing a trusting, relationship-based partnership elevates BuzzTheory over other companies that take a transactional approach. We tend to not think of them as just a company but as an extension of our business.

David Ansehl
Reinvent Telecom Director of Channels
Jeff Ross

BuzzTheory’s reputation is well-deserved. They helped us crystallize our brand and value into go-to-market messaging that drives sales and unifies our employees around client outcomes.

Jeff Ross
FlexIP Solutions CEO
Karen Mathis

Unlike agencies and consultancies we’ve encountered in the past, BuzzTheory understands our services and how to market them, and we can directly attribute their activities to sales. They deliver outstanding results in content marketing, website engagement, SEO, SEM and lead-gen.

Karen Mathis
APX Net Director of Sales and Marketing Operations
Curt Allen

They really are the best of the best.

Curt Allen
EagleTEQ Managing Partner; Former Channel Chief, Vonage, Windstream
Stacy Conrad

When the Alliance of Channel Women needed communications support, we went to BuzzTheory. Not only were they intimately involved in our mission, they have been instrumental in establishing our voice, driving press engagements, getting book publishing deals and coverage in the likes of Fortune Magazine, Channel Partners and others.

Stacy Conrad
Former Alliance of Channel Women President
Rebecca Rosen

There is no other company that understands our industry or the partner community better. BuzzTheory has my highest recommendation.

Rebecca Rosen
Cox Field Marketing Director
Rachel Turkus

BuzzTheory has gone above and beyond any consulting content team I’ve ever worked with.

Rachel Turkus
CyberReef Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing
Ray Napoletano

We started working with BuzzTheory years ago, and they have provided exceptional marketing support and helped us tremendously in many areas. Their creative marketing talent, industry contacts and abilities have been a big part of our very successful sales and revenue growth.

Ray Napoletano
Reinvent Telecom Vice President of Sales
Heather Tenuto

BuzzTheory has been a true content partner to Zift, helping us improve our SEO and thought leadership with channel subject matter expertise. They really know their stuff.

Heather Tenuto
Zift Solutions CRO
Christopher Trapp

I had some skepticism with respect to PR based on my experience working with other firms. Our initial engagement with BuzzTheory exceeded my every expectation. Thank you for being our partner and I look forward to continuing to work together.

Christopher Trapp
Raquel Wiley

I have the fortune of working with the BuzzTheory team for various projects, which they overdeliver on every time, without fail. Their knowledge and expertise are second to none.

Raquel Wiley
NetFortris Vice President of Marketing
Forbes Agency Council
Design Thinking Advisory Board
CompTIA Emerging Tech Council
cloud girls advisory board
Alliance of Channel Women
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MarTech Award logo

A Forrester study of 25,000+ agencies named BuzzTheory a Global Top 5 Channel Marketing & PR Firm.

The Tech Has Finally Caught Up With Us

Proven Tactics powered by powerful tools

RevGen 2.0 has been on BuzzTheory’s roadmap for years.  Thanks to new advancements in smart tech (AI, machine learning, scripting, etc.) and process innovation, RevGen 2.0 has become a reality.

With RevGen 2.0, you can:

  • Unify end-to-end revenue marketing and sales enablement programs 
  • Apply systematic, cross-channel, cross-distribution content monetization 
  • Achieve cohesive, cross-channel messaging
  • Stabilize content, marketing and sales engagement activities 
  • Enhance social proof and other intangibles to drive up conversions and sales
  • Compete successfully for sales partner recruitment, engagement and revenue generation
  • Bridge sales and marketing gaps  
  • Improve customer experience (CX) and revenue retention
  • Ensure authenticity and human connection in marketing, communications and sales efforts
  • Align revenue activities with internal and external priorities, opportunities and events
  • Continuously test, measure and refine