From Micro Player to Market Leader

Once upon a time there was a small company slugging it out in the technology distribution space. It was profitable but had the potential to grow much faster than it had been. As a distributor, the key to success was scalability and ability to develop communications, education and information strategies that would empower it to scale up its base of sales partners while focusing business development resources on growing that base.

Looking Before Leaping

The CEO of this firm had a long history with BuzzTheory management, having participated in international events and advisory boards with them in the previous decade, when he was part of a successful build-and-sell in the international technology space. We began our engagement with a survey of the company’s sales partners to evaluate communication and information needs. It turned out that our client had attracted such a wide range of skill sets and complex business referral relationships within its base of sales partners that the traditional one-to-many/one-to-all communications associated with a firm of this size would be ineffective.

Scalability on Steroids

Instead, and with an eye on the firm’s need to develop scalable operations and support so it could focus its resources on new sales partner recruitment, BuzzTheory developed a complex information portal addressing the needs of our client’s diverse base of sales partners, all available on demand. We integrated the portal with the firm’s commissions operations, forging the portal as a scalable, central point of contact that facilitating house marketing and education activities as well as those of suppliers, allowing our client to attract, retain and nurture high-value sales partners. Over time, we’ve developed the firm’s marketing plan and now manage all of its activities including internal and external communications, advertisements, sponsorship and branding activities. We also launched events for our client that are now known as the industry’s benchmark events among our client’s competitors for sales partner value, efficiency and positive revenue generation.

Today’s Market Leader

In terms of results, our focus on ensuring our client had a scalable sales partner management solution ahead of heavier sales and marketing activity allowed the company to light an engine that would take the company from obscurity to the most respected, fastest-growing company in its space every year since. The firm landed in the Inc. 5000 based on revenue generated the first year we signed on and went on to repeat that six more times (and counting), to become both the largest independent company of its type but also the fastest growing. This past year, we also managed the internal and external communications strategies for a recent, high-profile acquisition, the result of which firmly established our as the leading brand in the space – not just the revenue leader – despite modest spending on traditional branding activities (ads, etc.).