Small World = Big Revenue Stream


If communications technology is making the world small, perhaps no firm in history has made the world smaller than one of our clients in the wireless telecoms world. This high-profile firm had already developed a unique, high-value communications proposition when its business development unit contacted us to help them identify complementary revenue opportunities leveraging the excess bandwidth available through the company’s proprietary network.

When High Brand Awareness is a Complication

From a straight-up consulting perspective, the project was essentially an exercise in converting resource-based value to revenue (and marketing) activities. However, this client was special in the technology world, holding a unique network position and, by extension, a major global brand. This created significant confidentiality and privacy challenges at a time when any leak that the brand was exploring revenue outside its core offering could have had significant repercussions for investors.

Working the Other Side of the Distribution

In order to work around this problem, our team at BuzzTheory focused on what we believed was the most likely complementary revenue stream available to our client and began an opportunity evaluation from the bottom up, instead of from our client’s network down. This approach kept the client completely hidden on one side of our study required the client to factor in market-based pricing (instead of brand-driven pricing) on the other.

Strong Revenue Stream Worldwide

In the end, our client successfully leveraged its excess bandwidth for a profitable revenue stream into a new distribution channel, based on marketing research and modeling developed by BuzzTheory. And to this day, if you’re sailing in the middle of the Atlantic or hanging off the side of Everest and need to make a phone call, there’s a good chance that the purchase you made to make that happen is due, in part, to that crazy team of American marketeers with a roller coaster POV ride greeting their website visitors…