From Late in the Race to First Place

We have amazing friends. Some – the kind we’ve known for more than 20 years – are wildly successful media and events entrepreneurs, having built and sold some of the biggest media properties in America. Twice. BuzzTheory has its own piece of that legacy, with members of our firm helping them build print and digital properties, build and reposition market-leading brands and launch the leading trade shows in many industry verticals.

Like so many serial entrepreneurs, our friends discovered that sailing off into the retirement sunset gets boring. So, long after their last big sale of a company they’d built, they decided to launch again, pursuing a new and exciting tech market.


Beat to the Punch

The trouble for our friends was that, while they were targeting the space while the technology was still nascent, the technology was so transformative that many well-heeled players were already in the market, planting flags and building brands. Our friends called us three months out from their big event launch, struggling with marketing and PR vendors that couldn’t seem to find the right tone and pitch that appealed to consumers, businesses, investors and the media. And just like that, our friends became our clients. Again.

Divide and Conquer

Facing a convention center packed with booths but no guest registrations with less than three months until the event, we immediately reorganized our client’s marketing activities to develop distinct campaigns targeting unique customer and media verticals, and a broader, horizontal campaign capitalizing on the novelty of the new technology. We sent love letters (yes, “roses are red violets are blue, we really need you” love letters) to the artists vertical. To the business media we focused on statistics and the technology’s transformative power. To the consumer vertical we discussed hobbies. And to the mainstream press, we drove a steady drumbeat of show announcements highlighting how this breakthrough technology promised to change lives the world over. For other verticals, we… well, you get the picture. We tailored everything. Pressed for time, we even went into studios ourselves and cut radio commercials and eventually even television spots in order to meet ultra-short deadlines.

Blew Right Past Everybody…

Inside of less than 75 days our whirlwind effort, for half the budget the client had allocated to our marketing efforts, we helped them fill the convention center and become the de facto brand in the space. They dominated media coverage in the US and abroad, and went from zero to owning a dominant mindshare (and spend) across wholesale, retail, consumer and vertical channels virtually overnight, blowing right past the competitors who were vying for leadership position.